Haxey Hounds Dog Training is committed to providing positive reward based training in a relaxed informal way, ensuring a stress free learning environment for both dogs and owners. Hannah is a member of the Guild of Dog Trainers and is a Master Dog Trainer. She is fully insured, DBS Checked and trained in canine first aid. Haxey Hounds Dog Training focuses on providing training for pet dogs and their owners so that they can share a full and happy life together. Hannah has a passion for providing training for both people and their dogs. Having work through issues with her own dogs, she has the experience and understanding to help you through any problems that you may be experiencing with your own dog.


Hannah has owned dogs all of my life, but got the training 'bug' after attending pet classes with her 2 Parson Russell Terriers. Her interest in finding activities to offer mental stimulation for her own dogs has lead to her attending a variety of classes in Rally Obedience, agility, Heelwork to music and clicker training as well as attending numerous courses on how dogs learn, instructing pet dog classes, canine first aid, clicker training, canine aggression and reactivity and behaviour modification.

Having begun assisting in class to gain experience with a wide variety of dogs 6 years ago, She quickly moved on to take her own classes.

Pet Dog Obedience Classes have been running  successfully for several years now and 1-2-1 training options and Behavioural Consultations are also available. Throughout 2017,She has also taught a number of workshops on subjects such as clicker training, trick training and Nosework.  2018 will see the addition of Hoopers and Canine Parkour to be added to the workshops available.

Over the last couple of years Hannah has focussed on training her own dogs in Heelwork to Music and trick training,  doing Demos, competing with her 2 Parson Russell Terriers and has been part of the Northern team in the Interregional HTM competition  twice in 2015 and 2016, as well as being part of the KC Dog Activities team for  HTM at Crufts 2016. In November 2018, Chilli and Pepper played Sandy in Annie the musical, with the Phoenix Theatre Company, at the Cast Theatre in Doncaster.

Hannah has 3 dogs of her own. These dogs are part of the reason that She became a dog trainer in the first place.

Pepper  is a 7 year old Parson Russell Terrier - a clever confident canine, she was busy puppy who needed lots to do and took Hannah on a journey exploring all of the exciting activities that they could share together.

Chilli is a 6 year old Parson Russell Terrier - super energetic and super smart, he is great fun to train, but he is a little shy around other dogs - Lots of training has helped him to feel much more confident in different situations.

Inky is the new addition - a 14 month rescue Lurcher, she came to Hannah at around 4 months old and it was the 4th place that she had lived in her short life - she struggled with being on her own and we worked on lots of things to boost her confidence when left alone.


IABTC How dogs learn, IABTC Evolution & Breeds, IABTC Brain & Behaviour, IABTC Instructing pet dog owners, IABTC Introduction to Behaviour modification, IABTC Intermediate Behaviour modification, IABTC Advanced Behaviour modification, IABTC Canine aggression & reactivity, IABTC Clicker & targeting 1 & 2, Canine first aid course, attended 5 day IABTC nosework week, monthly HTM training with Richard Curtis and attended HTM training workshops with Heather Smith, Lucy Creek and Ann Di Rizzio. I am a member of the Guild of Dog Trainers and am a Master Trainer.